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Fast, Dependable Lighting Fixture Maintenance

We maintain and repair parking lot lighting and signs

Burned out bulbs and faulty lighting fixtures can pose both a security and safety risk. That's why our staff has been trained to respond with preparation and urgency. Every truck and team are equipped with the proper gear and supplies to get the job done fast, and get the job done right!  Considering the investment in outdoor lighting that our customers make and the valuable property that this lighting protects, we realize how critical performance can be.  Though we've been able to virtually eliminate outages and issues for our parking lot lighting customers, we are also ready to go at a moment's notice, to get them back online and in the light.

In addition to creating marketing signage, Gazelle Signs is also fully equipped to provide parking lot light repair and outdoor sign repair services.

This includes:

  • outdoor sign installation and sign repair services (such as maintenance, cleaning, painting)
  • outdoor lighting installation
  • parking lot light repair and bulb replacement services

Well maintained parking lot lighting and functioning signage are important to your customers' perception of your professional image and commitment to their general safety.  That's why partnering with a company like Gazelle Signs for regular sign and parking lot lighting maintenance (including equipment inspection, bulb replacement and parking lot light repair) is such an important decision.

In addition, installing energy-efficient parking lot lighting can help to increase security and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Our experienced technicians are fully-equipped to consult with you on the proper commercial parking lot lighting solution, troubleshoot any current parking lot lighting issue and/or provide complete parking lot light repair and replacement services.

Using our bucket truck, Gazelle Signs is able to offer cost-effective maintenance programs to ensure the ongoing care and operation of your signs or perimeter lights. Contact us today for an on-site inspection.